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Paving the way for the Future of Financial Services

PayV is a Banking-as-a-Service platform that empowers corporates, banks and merchants with digital propositions that focus on enabling growth and value to their businesses and associated networks.

We are set out to reimagine how financial services and digital solutions are commercialized and delivered to emerging markets, enabling seamless access to new generation financial services. 

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Thrift Shop Worker

Empowering merchants with smart and effective tools to acquire, retain, drive footfall, and increase customers' average spending.

PayVAS suit includes:

  • Loyalty Wallet.

  • Cashback Wallet.

  • Offer Management.

  • Buy-Now-Pay-Later.

  • Mall Loyalty.



PayVance enables merchants to use the future electronic receivables (POS and e-Commerce) as collateral for trade-related procurement of goods from the anchor or for Working capital loans.

PayVANCE Features:

  • Easy To qualify.

  • Flexible & Automatic Repayments.

  • Attracts low cost of capital.



PayVault is an end-to-end Supply Chain Financing and Collections platform that supports various working capital solutions such as invoice discounting, factoring, and dynamic discounting.

PayVault Also enhance lending opportunities for Banks and lenders through the capital financing marketplace, by onboarding large public and private sector corporates along with their upstream and downstream supply chain partners.

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