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Acquiring Solutions

Providing Acquirers with end-to-end solutions

Connecting Dots

PAX Store

An open, collaborative ecosystem that connects payment service providers & acquiring banks with software developers and merchants using POS or other instore hardware devices.


Administrators now benefit from unprecedented control over apps, terminal estates and huge amounts of data, while delivering a whole new world of useful POS apps and Android-based POS devices access to merchants worldwide.

PAX STORE Components

App Distribution & Management

  • POS application full life-cycle management.

  • Application uploaded by developer, approved by MP administrator, and then used by merchant.

  • Application publishing & subscription management capabilities.


Value Added Services

  • A scalable & independent marketplace with secure data isolation.

  • Advance cloud service UI design and phenomenal user experience.

  • Rich statistical reports to improve operational efficiency.


Advanced Terminal Management

  • Assert management, remote application parameter & firmware pushing.

  • Real-time device geo-location & hardware status reports.

  • Total cloud-based terminal control & monitoring capabilities.

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